Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Summer 2010: Sea Turtle Internship at Bald Head Island Conservancy

I want to make some blog posts to keep everyone up to date on my adventures, and also for me to reflect on. I am starting with my position as a Sea Turtle Intern at Bald Head Island Conservancy a year and a half ago. Here is the summer in a summary of photos...

The crew of interns: Molly, Mary Mack, Alyssa, Liz, Kaitlyn, Andrew, Dave, Patrick, Brett, Wilson, Maureen, Kit, Sam, and me.
Baby Ramses

Salt marsh from the light house

Patrolling in the UTV

First false crawl tracks

First nesting loggerhead!

I realized I love teaching kids (and excited adults)

First documented leatherback nesting on our island

Research project with periwinkle snails

I LOVE the marsh

Volunteering with bird rehab at Mary Ellen's

A day at a sea turtle rehab center

Me and one of my best friends, Kit, on our day off

Me and my close friend, Patrick

Hatching babies!

Leading babies down the runway


Public nest excavation

A rescued baby

Baby leatherback after release

Final count on the board

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